Char Boggs

Char Boggs

Cheer Teams Coordinator

Cheer Team Coach and Program Director

Charlene Boggs was born and raised in Florida. She started as a gymnast at the age of 4, which lead to a 9-year competitive gymnastics career with multiple State and National titles. During those final years of gymnastics, Charlene was recruited to the high school cheerleading team, where she realized her true love and passion was the combination of gymnastics, tumbling, competitions, and cheering under the Friday Night Lights. In 1998, Charlene went on to cheer at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Shortly after cheering at FAU, Charlene began her family with the Marine Corps and has three children now ages 16, 13, & 11. While living on the USMC base in North Carolina, she started a recreational gymnastics and cheerleading program at a request from the Mayor who was aware of her athletic background. Within six months the program had outgrown the city recreational center and she found a 12,000 sqft facility on the verge of being condemned. Along with the Navy and US Marine Corps volunteering, she was able to bring the building up to code and pass inspection.

The USMC then brought Charlene to court where the USMC fought the opening of the facility due to military flight zoning. Charlene, her attorney, and her staff went up against them in a court of law and won. Tumble Mania & Cheer Mania Allstars was a competitive gymnastics and cheerleading all-star facility that remained open for years until military orders changed for Char’s family and relocated her back to Florida. Charlene has been a part of Pop Warner along with running her own program again in Orlando for 3 years. Over the course of 12 years, Charlene has coached numerous teams to championship titles all over the country.