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UKnight offers a host of instructional tumbling lessons in both private and group settings to help athletes reach their full potential. Whether it is refining individual skills and showmanship or leveling up difficult tumbling passes, UKnight offers programs suited for every level and age.

UKnight’s USASF and collegiate coaching assures athletes are learning techniques that are technically accurate for optimal scoring. They will also learn the value of proper training and execution which may lead to the prevention of possible injury.

In addition to instructional tumbling, UKnight offers a distinguished competitive cheer program with half and full-season teams.

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If you’re looking to book a Group Tumbling Class, fill out the form HERE and indicate what skill level your athlete is looking for. A UKnight Representative will reach out to you to enroll your athlete in our program once the form is complete and submitted. More information about Group Class levels and what each level entails can be found below. Each level’s skills need to be mastered before advancing to the next level. As always inquiries through phone and email are always welcome at the above contact details!


UKnight Group Tumbling Class Levels


Introduction to Tumbling: Handstand, Cartwheel, Forward Roll, Backward Roll, & Back Bend.

Level 1 Tumbling: Handstand to Bridge, Back Bend Kickover, Cartwheel

Level 1 Advanced: Handstand Bridge Stand-up, Back Walkover, Round-Off

Level 2 Tumbling: Front Walkover, Back Walkover Series, Back Handspring over Barrel

Level 2 Advanced: Front Walkover + Round Off Rebound, Back Handspring down Cheese Mat

Level 3 Tumbling: Front Handspring Step out + Front Handspring Two Feet, Back Handspring (on spring floor), Round-Off + Two Back Handsprings (on spring floor).

Level 3 Advanced: Front Handspring, Round-off Back Handspring, Front Tuck, Round-Off 3 Back Handsprings, Aerial

Mastery: Standing Back Tuck, Front Handspring Step-out + Round-Off Back Handspring + Back Tuck, Standing Two Back Handsprings + Back Tuck