Level 2 Tumbling

Working for Back Tuck

Level 2 Tumbling is for athletes who have their standing back handspring, but do not have their back tuck yet. This class will drill clean technique and execution of the back handspring, and will cover the round off back handspring, series back handsprings, combination skills, and all drills leading up to the round off back handspring back tuck. Once an athlete gets their round off back handspring back tuck, they are ready to move on to Level 3 Tumbling.

Classes are by appointment only.


$80.00 monthly – includes one tumbling class per week, on your selected day/time. Additional weekly classes incur a monthly cost of $70.00 each ($10.00 off the initial rate). Discounted pricing for additional classes is available to existing students and their siblings.

Payment & Cancellation Policies

  • Payment required for reservation, prior to attendance.
  • 30-day written notice required for cancellations or reschedule requests.
  • Prorating adjustments are available with 30-day notice. Classes are prorated through the remainder of a month, if you should start mid-month.
  • All sales are final. No refunds offered without exceptional circumstance.

Annual Membership Fee
All registrants are required to pay an annual membership fee of $60.00, due at sign-up. This fee will be renewed annually, thereafter. Athletes involved in multiple sports, programs, or activities only pay this fee once per year.

Payment Options
Preferred Payment: Credit Card on file
Accepted Payments: Credit Card/Cash/Check – A deposit is due for monthly classes when paid using cash or check. Inquire for details.